D.G. Geis

Aubade With Hangover and Bug Zapper

"Never go to bed before daybreak."
Charles Simic

If it's daybreak you want,
Try waking up naked
In a backyard (yours?)
After a night of epic carousing.

Catch dawn's middle finger
Flipping off the moon and the sky's
Untrimmed fingernails scraping
Ten miles of blackboard horizon.

See the sun as white as strychnine
Dissolving clouds like Drano
Simmering in a toilet bowl. Feel the tilted
Elliptic of the earth as it spins, and you

Spinning with it, the thrashing tail rotor of a
Helicopter crash-landing in a rock garden
Beside a mortified St. Francis. Remember
The flashbulb pop of last night's mosquitoes

As they flew into the patio Bug Zapper.
And you, crawling towards the commode
On all fours, thinking of those stupid insects
All rushing to embrace the light.

D.G. Geis

D.G. GEIS lives in Houston, Texas. He has a graduate degree in philosophy, but stopped trying to figure things out a long time ago He will be featured in a forthcoming Tupelo Press chapbook anthologizing 9 New Poets and is winner of Blue Bonnet Review's Fall 2015 Poetry Contest. His favorite activity is breathing.

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