Art Bottemiller / Gail Denham

How He Loved That Hat

How He Loved That Hat

ART BOTTEMILLER worked at many jobs, but he truly loved photography. He hung a Brownie camera around my neck when I (GAIL DENHAM) was young. This picture of my brother, Norman was taken in Central Oregon, the place we were raised.

One of my dad's favorite photo spots was the Smith Rock area - often on a Sunday after church, we'd head out to explore, and frequently we'd end up at Smith Rocks. At that time, we were the only ones there - we'd climb, explore, take photos, enjoy the view. Later years drew thousands of professional rock climbers to those rocks.

I became a professional illustrative photographer with photos in books, magazines, on calendars, and in brochures. Sometimes I've combined articles and poems with my photos. In addition, I've had my poems, short stories, essays, news articles, and photos published nationally and internationally. My photos often include families, intergenerational and interracial. My writing features humor, "the real," faith, family and old time images.

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