Erin Redfern

Found Poem I: Mountains, an Underwater Ravine, and moar!

Coal Miner: So I updated my Minecraft to 1.8 and I made a new world
but the world was kind of
  lame. I kept
  generating worlds until
  I got angry at the game.
  So I generated a world
  called "I HATE THIS GAME"
  and it spawned this
  wonderful seed.
  There are huge mountains,
  massive oceans,
  an underwater ravine
  and really long rivers.
  I haven�t explored it fully.
  I�ll keep you guys posted.
  Photo: 1st set of mountains (right of spawn)
  If you see anything new
  please inform me.
Stone miner (avatar: jelly donut): Thanks for sharing the seed!
  So hard
  to find beautiful mountains
  especially in 1.2.4!

Erin Redfern

A San Jose, California native, ERIN REDFERN serves on the board of the Poetry Center San Jose and as an editor for the 2015 issue of its print publication, Caesura. Her poems have appeared in Zyzzyva, Red Wheelbarrow, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, and The Hamilton Stone Review.

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