Lisa Beth Fulgham is a recent graduate of Mississippi State University's M.A. program in creative writing and is the Managing/Founding Editor of Blinders Literary Journal. Currently, she is a wanderer and is working on submitting her chapbook, A Voice Raised From the Dirt. She is the former Associate Editor of The Jabberwock Review, and she is a fan of Southern Gothic literature or basically anything that gives her the creeps.

Heather Stevens, Associate Editor for Blinders Literary Journal, is a recent graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, where she earned degrees in English and History. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in library and information science. Fantasy and fairytales are her favorites, followed by anything Gothic and just plain weird. At the moment, she spends an absurd amount of time getting emotional about underrated female characters.
Kathryn M. Barber, Fiction Editor of Blinders Literary Journal, spent twenty-two years straddling the Tennessee-Virginia state line before she moved to Mississippi to teach some children and earn her Master's at Mississippi State University. She lived in London once, Wilmington for a minute, and now lives in Music City, where she teaches English at Belmont University. Recently accepted into UNC Wilmington's MFA fiction program, she plans to spend the next three years on the Carolina shores. She makes up a lot of stories, most of which are half-false, and can't wait to read yours.
Poetry Editor Jessica M. Lockhart, of Selma, Alabama, earned her MA at Mississippi State University, where she now teaches English Composition and Literature and works in the MSU Writing Center. Her poems have appeared in storySouth, Verse-Virtual, Storm Cellar Quarterly, and Sixfold. She likes poetry that won't let her go without being read out loud, that makes her think or daydream or wonder, that nags at her and makes her read again.
Cory Lockhart holds a Master’s degree in English language and literature from Mississippi State University and currently teaches freshman English composition classes there full time. He is married to fellow-editor and poet Jessica M. Lockhart. While Cory appreciates stories of all genres, he is especially drawn to works of science fiction and fantasy and to those that reflect on the complex, often troubled social and cultural identity of the Deep South, where he has lived most of his life.

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